Origin story, and 8 minutes of recommended listening

“An athlete is a mindset. It’s how you prepare, think and execute. Not because of some elite status or physical stature. Anybody can be an athlete.”

CHRIS HAUTH -The Rich Roll Podcast

Trial Athlete truly took form, and took flight, over these past 2 weeks. Let me tell you the story.

It began back in March when the concept struck me so significantly on a bike ride, I nearly fell off my bike. I SPRINTED home, with the name on my heart, desperate to find that the domain would be available. TRIAL ATHLETE. It was-and I bought it.

I began working on the logo design with friends over at Relish Studio, again, desperate to Trademark the brand. I knew I needed to get the foundation in place because I’d stumbled into something exciting -and powerful.

Also in March, I was at a women’s trial attorney CLE. There was a random, organic chance presented to me- to take the stage to briefly talk to the group about health and wellness in the context of women practicing law. I SEIZED the opportunity presented to me. I practiced overnight, SO excited -but, upon arriving the next morning, I was informed the speakers could not let me talk as I was not “pre-approved.” But I pushed back. “Give me the shot,” I asked. “One woman to the next, let me do this.”

And they did. And I took the stage.

And those 10 minutes …… they changed everything.

Those 10 minutes led to the invitation to speak as the mandatory substance abuse speaker at the NJA Convention 2 weeks ago. This time, I took the stage for an hour, and before an audience of 250.

And from there, a client - our first TA client- emerged. A woman I connected with immediately, who even included me in her firm’s dinner at the convention. Our connection was real- and her desperation to make a change in her life -palpable. Her desire to sign on pushed me to craft the TA team and program. And as of yesterday, she became our first of what I hope will be many -attorneys who want a different life -a better, healthier life, and profession. Her law firm, in fact, wants to bring me in for a day-long staff workshop.

There is power in following your heart -your soul nudges- in pursuing the things that ignite your spirit… and that is what is happening here.

All this to say - I want you to listen to something for me - listen to 8 minutes that touched my heart on these exact subjects:


Fast Forward to minute 14 and press play. And listen until he finishes reading at about minute 22.