“We spend so much time learning the law, strategizing, and preparing for trial and yet ... We neglect our biggest asset: our physical power - our presence.”

— Megan Hottman, Founder of Trial Athlete


Our Objective

I challenge you to see yourself as the ultimate endurance athlete when you start trial - because like a cycling stage race, or an ironman triathlon, it is absolutely physically and mentally demanding.

I want to show you that bringing your happiest, healthiest self into the courtroom will translate to increased success and connection with judges and juries.

Let's talk about what a fully-optimized human -and lawyer -looks like, and then let's implement those practices into your daily lives in law. Want your entire firm to hear this message? Cool- bring Megan in to preach the good word to your crew. Talk about a team-building activity!

Sound too fluffy for you ?  Not to worry, we do work -hard work.  

Sound too overwhelming for you?  Life too busy?  Trial prep too stressful?  Not to worry, we help you see why this is a priority and we will make these items fit into your time and life in a way that decreases your stress.  

Bring Megan in to liven up your law firm or your event. Hire us to coach you one-on-one…

Contact us for plans and pricing.  



A Six-Week Intensive

For lawyers:

Megan and her 5-member Trial Athlete team take you, the trial attorney, through a six-week intensive program at a time you are not in the throes of trial prep.  The intensive consists of functional medicine (eval and analysis, including blood work and remote consults); nutritionist consultation and meal planning based on your blood work and health analysis; sports/athletic coach to assist you in setting some type of athletic goal and training/preparing for it and developing a wellness regimen; meditation/yoga guide to assist in private meditation/restorative yoga (can be done remotely); and coach/therapist to assist in processing your “issues” so you are battle ready for your next trial.  This intensive is not for the faint of heart.  It’s expensive and it’s time consuming.  But you will be ready for the arena. 


For law firms/legal aid clinics/legal organizations:

Megan and her team can come to your office and present half-day or full day workshops focused on the Trial Athlete methods.  This is a great team builder for your staff (lawyers and non-lawyers alike!), and it can also provide a great excuse to have an off-site event. 


For Conventions/Events/Seminars/Retreats:

Megan is your next keynote speaker.


“If winning is the objective- I dare you to eat, sleep, and move like you mean it. ”

— Megan Hottman, Founder of Trial Athlete


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